Zephyr Aerospace® - Tools designed and built to meet the demands of the commercial and military markets.


Designed and manufactured to rigid precision requirements using the highest quality materials. Zephyr Aerospace tools are built to last, guaranteed to deliver results, and engineered to perform.

Our broad range of innovative solutions are designed to meet the stringent standards of an aerospace technician's requirements.

Every tool in the Zephyr Aerospace range has been created with your needs front and center: increased productivity, improved strength and precision with an unrivaled easy-to-use configuration capability.

Zephyr Aerospace® Tools

Martin Aircraft® Tools

Here at Zephyr, we are the exclusive suppliers of the Martin Aircraft Tool range.


Our unique Kwik-Lok range includes a diverse selection of precise, high quality tools including: plier operated temporary fasteners, power operated & manual temporary fasteners, power nut runners & drill stops, side grips & clamps.

Lok-Fast® - Installation & Removal Tools

The Lok-Fast tools line includes:

Lok-Fast Torque - Torque Control Tools

Lok-Fast torque control tools are used for driving fasteners that need a precise torque measurement and application.

Lok-Fast Frangible - Frangible Collar Tools

Lok-Fast frangible collar tools are used for driving Hi-Lok fasteners

Lok-Fast Blind Fastener Tools

Lok-Fast blind fastener tools are used for driving Jo-Bolt style fasteners